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A group of baseball enthusiast led by Bruce L. Prentice, founder of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, and prominent author and baseball historian John Thorn, conceived the idea of developing the World Baseball Hall of Fame. Other knowledgeable baseball personalities were recruited to form the management team; from the USA, Joe Vellano, Peter Bjarkman, Gary Hailey, John Holway, Lloyd Johnson, James McKenna. An Advisory Board consisted of; Gov. Mario Cuomo, Senator Keith Davey (Canada), David Eisenhower, Branch B. Rickey, IBA President Dr. Robert Smith, Randal Upton, (Australia) and Eduardo Valero, (Puerto Rico.) A press release was issued announcing the creation of the World Baseball Hall of Fame, and the inaugural inductees, which hit the front pages of sports sections, radio and TV, with overwhelming positive reaction, with the phrase, “it’s time has come”.

The first 12 selected to enter the hall of fame, from 8 nations, were; Hank Aaron, Sadaharu Oh, Roberto Clemente, Babe Ruth, Ferguson Jenkins, Juan Marichal, Shigeo Nagahsima, Bobby Avila, Minnie Minoso, Viktor Starffin, Albert Spalding, and Harry Wright. Trying to do too much, such as seeking a location for a building for a museum with all it’s ongoing maintenance and funding issues, creating a world baseball tournament, and other special events, the WBHF bogged down and went into limbo. It was ask by many in the media and baseball people what happened, the answer being; “too much, too soon, lack of funding, for a volunteer group to carry it forward.”. And so, now with the explosion of global baseball, the world baseball classic in place, a return to the Olympics, the time is here, to re-establish the World Baseball Hall of Fame in the simplest form; select, elect, induct and place individual inductee plaques down a walkway in an appropriate historical baseball site. Aside from electing players and other personalities to the hall of fame, there are to be four annual awards presented;

Alexander Cartwright Builder Award

Mel Allen Media Award

International Player of the Year Award

Humanitarian Award


Management team


Board of Governors


Bruce L. Prentice
Founder Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame; and Ontario Sports Hall of Fame; special event co-coordinator. Former Toronto Blue Jays contact scout.

Matt Journy
United States of America
Lawyer, sports enthusiast.

Michael Jones
Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Accountant,Licensed Public Accountant, sports enthusiast.

Jason Derr
United Kingdom
President Baseball Scotland. Web and social media specialist.

Brad Prentice
Sr. V.P. Fastacash Corp; baseball aficionado.

Rod Black
Radio/tv broadcaster, popular MC, noted baseball authority.

Anthony Latino
United States of America
Certified Public Accountant

Roberto Clemente Jr.
Puerto Rico
Former Ball Player, Former Broadcaster for NY Yankees and ESPN Deportes

Jean Boulais
President Baseball Quebec

Alex Fortin
Sport Marketing Consultant, Graphic Artist

Josh Chetwynd
United States of America
Author, sports broadcaster

Bob Oettinger
United States of America
President, International Baseball Asociation

Ivan Groe
Author, freelance sports writer,


Cito Gaston
United States of America
Former MLB player, and Blue Jays Manager. Back to back World Series winners, 1992-93.

Gary Hailey
United States of America
LLB with Venable, Washington DC. Research, baseball and the law

Steve Rogers
United States of America
13 years MLB star right hand pitcher. Most of his career with Montreal Expos; member Board of Directors, MLB Players Association.

Dr. Robert (Bob) E. Smith
United States of America
Past President International Baseball Association 1980 -1993. Former President Greenville College. Recipient of the Olympic Order Award. NAIA Special Achievement Award, named in his honor.

Cam Church
Educator, artist. Former Dodger minor league baseball, and Red Wings hockey player; former radio/tv sportscaster.

Dr. Ron Taylor
Blue Jays medical staff

Ray Carter
President Baseball

Cas Pielak
Former executive International Baseball Association

Kit Kreiger
Travel executive, Cuban baseball

Joe Grey
United Kingdom
Founder of Project Cobb (the Project for the Chronicling of British Baseball).